Visit of the Asphalt Mines + ham cooked in the Asphalt

Event of the commanderie du PAYS-DE-NEUCHATEL (Switzerland) from 04/25/2019
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Visit Mining Asphalt + ham cooked in asphalt
Very informative tour of the work of our ancestors 

D e 1712 to 1986, a rare and precious ore is extracted from the bowels of the earth Travers, quickly making the village a reno international itslef; asphalt.
To access it, miners are developing an increasingly complex and extensive labyrinth of galleries. It reached almost 100 kilometers.

Today, industrial mining has stopped but the asphalt Travers is visible worldwide. Two million tons of asphalt were extracted from mines Presta for over two centuries.

“Helmeted heads and flashlights in hand, our safety is assured to discover the dangerousness of the activity of the minor: underground, the walls still echo the hard work of those who lived there, men and horses We dive in. mountain bowels, where the warm commentary from our guide compensates for 6 ° C prevailing there permanently Fascination little to this darkness that makes the imagination. “I swear, this is a REAL fairy who we served as an aperitif “Journey to the sources of asphalt that still covers today some streets of London, Paris, New York … After the visit, return to more epicurean concerns:. in the asphalt boiled ham emerges a tantalizing aroma! ”
Katia 34years